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Medium Kudu Shofar - Metal Jerusalem Band & White and Gold Sleeves

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Medium Kudu Shofar - Metal Jerusalem Band & White and Gold Sleeves

This Kudu Horn Shofar features a metal band depicting the city of Jerusalem at the top and has three white and gold sleeves interspersed across its body.

Other than the apple dipped in honey, the Shofar is the most well-known symbol of the Jewish New Year. The Shofar is blown in Synagogue during services on Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year Holiday, as well as on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. The Torah commands Jews in the Book of Numbers to hear the sound produced when the Shofar is blown.

According to Jewish Law, the Shofar that is used in the performance of a Mitzvah may not have any decorations on it. Consequently, the Shofars used during services on Rosh HaShana and at the end of Yom Kippur are not decorated. However, those which are used of decorative purposes and will not be used in the performance of a Mitzvah may be decorated.
Dimensions 32" - 34"
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Medium Kudu Shofar - Metal Jerusalem Band & White and Gold Sleeves

This fantastic Kudu Horn Shofar has been decorated with three white sleeves that accented by gold scrollwork and floral patterns. The largest sleeve that sit at the top features a depiction of Jerusalem that the shows the Holy City in its idyllic view. This Shofar appears in natural shades of brown, white and black and has been hand polished. This item is an ideal gift for a wedding, housewarming or Jewish Holiday!

This Kudu Horn Shofar comes from Israel and was certified Kosher by the Israeli Rabbinate after being tested and checked. Please note that the size is measured around the outer edge of the bend in the Shofar.