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Havdalah Set in Nickel and Dark Brown Mahogany

This four piece Havdalah set features a Kiddush Cup, spice box and candle holder made of nickel and a tray made of nickel and Mahogany that have each been decorated with a floral pattern and pearl shapes.

Each item plays an important role in the ceremony: we fill the Kiddush cup with wine in order to give the ceremony the high status it merits. We smell the incense because of the Kabalistic belief that the sense of smell is the only sense that can affect our soul. Our soul, which is miserable as Shabbat leaves, is placated with pleasant aroma. Finally, we light the candle in remembrance of the first time Adam and Eve lit a fire using two stones.

As Shabbat departs on Saturday night, we are commanded to perform the Havdalah ritual, Hebrew for “separation.” The Havdalah requires a number of indispensible items, which together make up the Havdalah set and represent different Jewish beliefs.
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Havdalah Set in Nickel and Dark Brown Mahogany

This exquisite four piece nickel and dark brown mahogany Havdalah Set includes a Kiddush Cup, spice book and candle holder that have been decorated with a floral pattern and Stars of David that appear at the bottom of each item. The tray of this set is made from nickel and mahogany and has been decorated with a similar design. The Havdalah ceremony marks the end of Shabbat and the beginning of the new week.

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