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Kiddush Fountain made of Colorful Aluminum by Yair Emanuel

This anodized aluminum Kiddush fountain is beautiful in bright colors. It is made by Yair Emanuel. It contains a turquoise goblet, 8 cups in different colors and a blue fountain.

It is customary to have family and friends over for the joyous Shabbat meal. A Kiddush fountain is composed of one central silver Kiddush cup to use for the blessing and several Kiddush cups used for guests.
The Kiddush is the blessing said over wine on Friday night in order to sanctify the Sabbath. The Kiddush blessing is said after the blessing over the candles and before the hand washing and Challah blessings. The Kiddush prayer thanks G-d for his creations, referring to G-d as 'he who creates the fruit of the vine.'

The Kiddush wine fountain would be an ideal present for a Jewish wedding so the newlyweds can make use of it when they host guests for Shabbat dinner.
Matériau Aluminium
Dimensions 9.5"x8"
Délai de traitement estimé: 3-5 Jours Ouvrés.
Le temps de traitement de votre commande est le nombre de jours estimé requis pour que votre colis soit préparé à être expédié depuis notre centre de traitement situé en Israël.

Kiddush Fountain made of Colorful Aluminum by Yair Emanuel

This colorful aluminum Kiddush fountain will create excitement around your Kiddush ceremony. This fountain is made of anodized aluminum which makes it very strong and durable. The sleek modern design complements the various colored items. The goblet is turquoise, the fountain is blue and the cups are: gold, red, dark blue, green, blue, turquoise, orange and purple. The Kiddush ceremony is the blessing over the wine before the food is served.
This is exactly what's missing from your Shabbat table!