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Information sur la Pierre

A classic symbol brought to you in a modern, elegant design. This stunning Star of David pendant is created of Sterling Silver adorned with the shape of the Hebrew letter "Chet" made with blue sapphires.

Type de Pierre Saphir
Nombre de Pierres 17
Description de la Pierre Blue Sapphire

Star of David Pendant with Hebrew Letter Chet in Sapphires

The Star of David is well-known as the official symbol of Judaism in modern years and is proudly worn by Jewish people everywhere. Each one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet fits incredibly in the Star of David, furtherly supporting its meaningfulness. This gorgeous pendant is made with rhodium plated Sterling Silver and decorated with blue sapphires to form the Hebrew letter "Chet". This wonderful piece of jewelry is definitely the perfect way to elegantly pronounce your faith.

Get this superb pendant for yourself or as a great gift for any special occasion.